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A live-action NARUTO movie is in the works

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BELIEVE IT! When it comes to anime, you most likely have that one friend who insists on you watching the Naruto series. The long-running Masashi Kishimoto comic recently wrapped up with 700+ weekly chapters in the bank, while the anime adaptation is still rolling on.


Starring an adolescent ninja in training who happens to be shunned by the village due to the fact that a gigantic nine-tailed demon fox was sealed inside of him, Naruto follows the title character as he seeks to be recognised as the top ninja in his village.

As ridiculous as it sounds, there’s a damn good story woven throughout the epic, supported by some fantastic characters. According to Variety, Lionsgate is looking to adapt the story, with Avi Arad attached to produce.

In an interview with Toyokeizai, Arad mentioned having plans to bring a live-action version of Naruto to Hollywood, which would be directed by Michael Gracy. Gracy happens to be involved in a ton of other projects right now, so don’t hold your breath on this film being made anytime soon.

If it does get greenlit however, Naruto could join the ranks of other beloved anime films which got released, such as Battle Angel Alita, Ghost In The Shell and Akira. Erm, hang on, wait a minute no jutsu…

Last Updated: August 3, 2015

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