The underdog of Marvel movies finally gets his own moment… and it’s a little odd.

  • What is it?


There are two sides to this movie. There is the story, which is mostly irrelevant: a mercenary gets cancer, is duped into a program that cures him and turns him into a superhero, then sets out to avenge his makers after they screw him over. The other side is a rollercoaster of slapstick, toilet humour and outright ridiculousness. That is the reason why you will or won’t want to watch Deadpool.

  • I would like it if I like…


Fans of Deadpool are going crazy with glee for good reason, because this movie is fan-service with bows on. But if, like me, you aren’t familiar with the comics, it can be a little jarring and even childish. There isn’t anything quite like this, but if we were to rely on Marvel comparisons, Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy come closest. Movies such as Scott Pilgrim and Kickass also come to mind. If you want a real stretch, Deadpool is a little bit to comic books movies as Jackie Chan has been to the martial arts genre.

  • Is it good?

Deadpool is a very fun character to watch (especially his awesome facial expressions). But the origin story lets him down: there is little to explain his gearshift from wise-cracking mercenary to a person with clear mental problems. The movie just expects you to go with it, which frankly is not fair on people who aren’t familiar with the comics. It is gloriously filled with action, violence and all kinds of movie tomfoolery, so Deadpool offers a good action experience. But it does sacrifice mainstream audiences in a bid to keep fans happy.

  • Should I watch it?


Most of Marvel’s movies are overdone and melodramatic. Not all comic book movies need to be like that. If you agree with that statement, go see Deadpool. It’s fun. But if you feel that the genre has devolved into a geeky boys club pandering to childish nostalgia, don’t watch Deadpool. It is the zenith of that culture.

Last Updated: February 12, 2016


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