Abraham Lincoln is about to Gettysburg Address your vampire ass in this latest trailer

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Fourscore and seven years ago, one brave American and future president did secretly kick many a vampire ass, with his trusty Axe-Fu and emancipation powers, while dressed in a spiffy stovepipe hat.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is drawing closer and closer to its local August release date, with Americans seeing it in June, and the marketing campaign is busy sinking its teeth into eager viewers.

America recently celebrated Memorial Day, a fact that the film addressed by using the famous Gettysburg Address to tie itself in with, resulting in a fantastic marketing blitz.

The film itself, will have an early screening for soldiers on the naval warship, the U.S.S Abraham Lincoln, before its first, official June 22nd release. To say that I am eager to watch this film, is an understatement, as it looks like a solid piece of entertainment, barring the ludicrously awesome title.

Starring Benjamin Walker as the ass-kicking 16th president of the US of A, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter releases locally on August 10.

Last Updated: May 29, 2012

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