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Adam Sandler goes back to Summer School

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And I thought that I could get through this day without typing reboot, oh well…

The 1987 Carl Reiner comedy, Summer School, which starred a pre-NCIS Mark Harmon as an easygoing teacher whose flippant attitude actually inspired his class of dunces to actually succeed has been stuck in development hell since 2005, passing through various directors and scripts.

But the film project might just be climbing out of that hole soon, thanks to Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison production company.

Fresh off of his triumphant win at the Razzies this year,Sandler is looking at getting the film finally made, and with the reliable track record of his production comoany, it might just happen.

Whether Sandler will take the lead role or not is uncertain, but he will have a first choice to take it or pass on it if he approves of the final script.  Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner has been trying to get the project off the ground, but wants the Harmon portrayed character of Freddy Shoop to be less of a slacker, and more of a lunatic disciplinarian, which is probably why this project has been stalled for so long.

But it’s all resting on Sandler at the moment, who still happens to be a player in Hollywood despite his recent film, Jack and Jill.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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