Adrien Brody is going to Motor City

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Motor City ain’t a county for old men. Or an Oldman specifically. Gary Oldman, who was attached to star as the prinicipal antagonist in the american mean machine revenge flick, has departed, leaving open a spot that needs some desperate filling.

And that grodie spot may just go to Adrien Brody, is he happens to be in negotiations for it right now.

Starring Gerard “Leonidas” Butler as an ex-con out for revenge, the film has had numerous comings and goings as of late, with actors such as Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Amber Heard and Oldman all going through that revolving door.

Director Albert Hughes is still keen on getting the film made however, and he’ll be doing so with a script from Chad St John, when he starts filming next month in Atlanta.

As for Brody, he can next be seen in something called “InAPPropriate Comedy”, alongside Rob Schneider and Michelle Rodriguez.

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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