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Ah-hoo! Ah-hoo! Some new footage for 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE has appeared online

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With all the Gravity’s and Hunger Games and movies that might be pornography lately, it seems that we may have forgotten just a tad about 300: Rise of an Empire, the kinda sequel (parallelquel?) to Zack Snyder’s fan favourite 2006 graphic novel adaptation. Snyder is still co-writing (with Kurt Johnstad) while relative unknown Noam Murro takes over the director’s seat.

But while Murro may not have Snyder’s public profile, based on these newly released clips from the film, he’s picking up right where Snyder left off without too much bloodshed. Well, except for all the copious amounts of crimson on screen of course.

The clips come courtesy of the film’s new website (via CBM, who were kind enough to strip out all the videos for our enjoyment). They unfortunately don’t have any sound and are each only a few seconds long, but they are pretty high quality (so full screen away!) and feature snippets of brand new footage not previously seen in the full trailer. These clips also hint at Murro’s slightly more grittier take on the action, which I have to say I approve of immensely.

Based on Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel ‘Xerxes’, and told in the breathtaking visual style of the blockbuster “300,” this new chapter of the epic saga takes the action to a fresh battlefield—on the sea—as Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) attempts to unite all of Greece by leading the charge that will change the course of the war.

300: Rise of an Empire pits Themistokles against the massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and Artemisia (Eva Green), vengeful commander of the Persian navy.

300: Rise of an Empire also sees the return of Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo of Sparta and David Wenham as the Spartan warrior Dilios and will be released on March 7, 2014.

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

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