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And this is what it looks like, inside of Kanye Wests insane movie pyramid

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I’ll be honest here, and admit that I just don’t understand the music of Kanye “Alledged voice of a generation” West. I find it weird, odd and usually like it to the sound that a fax machine would make, if it were being molested by a 56K Modem. A description which also works when describing dubstep.

Kanye West ins’t just a singer however. Amongst other projects, he’s also a fan of movies. And yes, he has gone and built his own cinema.

And it’s as bizarre as his love for fish-sticks.

Modelled to be in the shape as a pyramid, the Xanadu theater that West had at the Cannes film festival boasted seven screens inside a design of decadence and luxury, with which he debuted his film, Cruel Summer.

It’s all thanks to Donda, a think tank that Kanye controls, and the New York Architectural firm OMA. “The pyramid subtly distinguishes itself from the context of white event sheds in Cannes while achieving a structure able to suspend the complex screen, sound and projection installations,” partner-in-charge Shohei Shigematsu said.

It’s pure lunacy at best, and perhaps too much of a close-up look inside the head of the rap mogul.


Last Updated: May 28, 2012

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