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Anime Releases On Netflix In 2024 To Start The Year With The Right Foot

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Anime has been in my life since I was a young tween. Seeing how many great titles have been created and how easy it has become to access them nowadays is truly exciting!

For fans of anime and manga like me, who love to follow the stories, cheer for their favorite characters, and collect anime merch, having so many streaming services offering new anime series is a treat compared to my younger years, says theotakubox.com

Netflix has announced important additions to its anime list starting in early January 2024. Among them are brand-new shows and sequels to several fan favorites!

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Delicious in Dungeon

Type: Series

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Release Date: January, 4th

While searching for an insane magician inside a dungeon, Laios encounters a dragon that defeats his guild and devours his sister Falin. To save her, Laios and his allies, the elf Marcille and the halfling Chilchuck, immediately return to the dungeon despite not having appropriate supplies. 

 To gather what they need to beat the dragon, Laios suggests eating the dungeon’s monsters. Luckily, the party met a dwarf named Senshi, who helped them prepare their first monster meal, ensuring it was safe for consumption.  

This marks the beginning of their intense and delicious adventure!


Type: Movie

Genre: Drama

Release Date: January, 15th (see IMDB)

The movie premiered in September (Japan) and is coming to streaming in 2024.

It follows the story of a 14-year-old boy, Masamune, who resides in a town where time has stopped. In hopes that things will return to normalcy one day, all inhabitants are forbidden from making any changes, which makes life suffocating.

Masamune’s unexpected encounter with a wild girl and the unstoppable “impulse of love” from other boys and girls begin shaking the world’s balance and threatening to destroy it! 

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Type: Series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: January, 31st

Airing in Japan since October, Four Knights of the Apocalypse is the sequel to the acclaimed Seven Deadly Sins.

This time, we meet Percival, who lives with his grandfather until a knight in red armor ruins his peaceful life. The boy then sets out after the man who took his only family from him.

During his journey, Percival discovers many things he doesn’t know, including him being directly connected to the world’s end! 

T . P Bon

Type: Series

Genre: Sci-Fi; Action; Adventure

Release Date: May, 2nd

Celebrating the 90th birthday of Fujio F. Fujiko, Doraemon, the co-creator of T. P BON (Time Patrol Bon), a manga he started in 1978, is getting an anime adaptation with two seasons.

In T. P Bon, an ordinary high school student becomes part of a time-traveling agents’ team. Their task is to save people from historical events across different eras and locations worldwide! 

Rising Impact

Type: Series

Genre: Sports

Release Date: June, 2024

In Rising Impact, the young Gawain lives in a rural area and has a deep love and talent for baseball. One day, a visitor introduces him to golf, and he’s instantly hooked. Gawain sets off to Tokyo to learn all he can about his new passion. 


Type: Series

Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date: 2024

With character design by Hiromu Arakawa (Full Metal Alchemist), Moonrise is a sci-fi anime set in a society where everything is entrusted to an international AI network called Sapientia.

However, Sapientia’s “moon reclamation project” created an environment of animosity between Earth’s inhabitants and the moon.

Involved in conflicts, Jack, who lost his family to a group of Moon Rebels, swore vengeance and decided to travel to the moon as an “earth army investigator.”

Aside from these titles, Netflix also announced new episodes of other anime shows, such as the Final Season of Beastars, One Piece Season 20, and the second part of Kengan Ashura Season 2 (source).

 The list of anime on Netflix and the quality of the productions has been increasing significantly! There are shows for all tastes, from light and fun adventures suitable for children to heavy subjects suited for an adult audience. I have high expectations for the new shows announced for 2024 and other surprises that might come along the way.

Last Updated: January 22, 2024

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