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Antoine Fuqua talks about SCARFACE remake and how it will be 'timely'

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Antoine Fuqua has something for remakes at the moment. He has just completed The Magnificent Seven was a remake of a popular 1960 western and even The Equalizer was a film adaptation of a popular TV series. But hey, if he continues to be good at it, why stop. And he has big plans for his adaptation of the Brian da Palma classic Scarface, which he is also looking to remake.

What makes this remake so different is that Scarface is an exceptional movie that some might even consider near perfect. To remake something with that level of status is certainly going to take some doing. It’s something which the director doesn’t seem too worried about though and he plans to align the film to make it more relevant to the world we live in now.

Fuqua shared these thoughts in a recent interview with Fandango, where he referred to the screenplay (written by Jonathan Herman) as ‘timely’:

I read the script they have and it’s actually really interesting and very timely. We’re dealing with a lot of stuff now coming out of Mexico. And again, we still have those issues dealing with the “American Dream,” and the fact that the game is rigged, right? It’s not really an even playing field, but the promise is that it is. The promise is that everyone gets a fair shot, but that’s not always the case. So that’s always relevant, and right now with what’s happening in Mexico, which is where [the main character] comes from – he comes out of Mexico – that’s relevant, especially when you’ve got people talking about putting up walls and other kinds of stuff. We’re still dealing with immigration, we’re still dealing with what would turn someone into Scarface.

We’ve already heard before about the transition of the story from Cuban immigrant to Mexican, but outside of that little change in racial profiling, I’m not sure how the story will have more relevance. If anything it might just be a reminder that sadly, in 30 years, not much has changed economically for a lot of people and that the same story can be told and still have relevance is perhaps the most shocking concern.

Now, the 1983 film was itself a remake of a 1932 film about an Italian immigrant, so I guess we could probably stretch that 30 years to 80 years and – that’s depressing. Nonetheless, as much as I don’t really feel this film needs to be remade as I love Scarface for being exactly what it is, if the team cam bring something fresh to the story, then it could still work. It takes a brave man to make this film – and I guess Fuqua believes he has the ‘balls’ to pull this off.


I’m keen to see who they get to play the lead in this film. Al Pacino’s performance is particularly iconic, but I have on doubt they will likely go for a different type of actor to spate this movie from that one. I’m also hope that they come up with some new memorable quotes rather than rehash the classic lines from the 1983 film.

Quotes like, ‘I always tell the truth, even when I lie’ or ‘say hello to my little friend’, are part of cinema history. Let’s keep them part of history and do something different.

What do you make of the plans to remake Scarface?

Last Updated: September 22, 2016

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