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Arrowverse’s Marc Guggenheim to write Rob Liefeld’s Prophet movie

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When it comes to adapting comic book stories, it only makes sense to ensure that the person you bring in to helm the project understands the source material. After all, that is one of the key things that has led to the success of Marvel over DC at the movies with Warner Bros. not always having passionate fans run with their respective projects.

This is a mistake that Studio 8 doesn’t want to make with their Prophet film, which is based off the popular comic books series from Rob Liefeld. Published by Image Comics, the series stars John Prophet, a poor man living homeless during the World War II era, who volunteers to be experimented on and transformed into a genetically-enhanced soldier. Originally designed to work for the villain Phillip Omen, the scientist who created him, Dr. Horatio Wells, alters his programming to have a strong belief in God and be a force for good.

It’s an exciting prospect for a new comic book franchise, especially with a comic book writer as prolific and skilled like Liefeld who worked with Marvel for many years to help create characters like Deadpool and Cable. And to help this new movie along, they are bringing in none other than one of the co-creators of CW’s Arrowverse Marc Guggenheim to write the script for the film, as reported by Collider.

Guggenheim is a fantastic choice for the project because even if he is more familiar with the world of television than movies, he is a massive comic book fan having even written issues of Blade, The Flash, and The Amazing Spider-Man alongside his work with CW’s Arrowverse that tackles many of DCs big comic book characters. Hopefully, he can ensure the film stays faithful to the original comic series while tackling its many themes in an entertaining manner.

As much as we are getting inundated with many comic book movies these days, I don’t mind getting more provided they continue to be entertaining

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

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