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AVATAR 2 and 3 starts shooting next year

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Well slap on some blue paint, grab a pair of stilts and prepare for some dragon rape, because Avatar is indeed coming back. The first film released in 2009 managed to grab all the money printed that year, as well as prove that when a movie was made for 3D cinemas, it was worth the extra bucks to see and splitting headache afterwards.

Director James Cameron has been teasing fans with plans for sequels ever since, and with his work on conquering the ocean depths done, it looks like filming will finally kick off next year.


Appearing on the Johnathan Ross Show, actress Zoe Saldana confirmed that the next two films would be shot back to back, beginning in 2014:

I think that they’re doing a part two and a part three and they’re probably going to shoot it at the same time…If we just do two and then wait, I’ll probably be 45 or 50 by the time we get to part three. It takes a long time, it’s a very hard process.

Looks like those late 2013 start dates are a bust then. While the films have yet to have any plot details leaked, it has been mentioned before that Avatar 2 and 3 will explore the oceanic side of Pandora. Under da sea, down where’s it wetter, dat’s where more murderous monsters lurk that need Jake Sully to force his input pony tail into their sockets to make de connection!





Last Updated: May 7, 2013

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