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Avengers: Infinity War first reactions praise Thanos as “the champion of villains”, call it “epic beyond compare”

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You guys, I need a time machine. Like, yesterday! Which shouldn’t be a problem for a time machine. The source of my chronal consternation is none other than Avengers: Infinity War, the largest superhero team-up movie ever which was the incredible culmination of ten years worth of storytelling by Kevin Feige and the rest of his Marvel Studios team. And the movie which also had its first premiere in Los Angeles just a couple of hours ago.

The film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo actually took to Twitter just before the premiere to issue a PSA to fans to possibly avoid social media for the next few days until they’ve seen it, just in case somebody spoils something. Full reviews are still being embargoed, but those in attendance at the premiere were allowed to tweet out short reactions. I’m sure some of you – who, like me, cannot contain their hype for this film any longer – would love to check out these reactions to know if this movie delivers on the years of anticipation, but are afraid you’re accidentally going to get something spoiled. Don’t worry though: We got you!

I’ve done a quick sifting through the online reactions and found the spoiler-free ones from the established film press in attendance. And their verdict? Infinity War is epic, dark, emotional, surprising and intense, and Josh Brolin’s Thanos is apparently every bit as fantastic a villain as he needed to be after being teased for six years. In other words: HYPE LEVELS SOMEHOW INCREASING EVEN FURTHER!

Of course, no matter how much love a movie gets, everybody is different and thus not everybody will be as hyped by what Infinity War does. However, even these “negative” reactions are absolutely nowhere close to calling the movie even remotely bad.

I feel like that last tweet is talking directly to our very own Geoff.

We’ll be watching Avengers: Infinity War tomorrow afternoon and will be posting a review as soon as we’re done watching it. For the rest of you, the long-awaited film hits theatres this coming Friday, 27 April.

Last Updated: April 24, 2018

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