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Bad Boys for Life directors could helm Beverly Hills Cop 4

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Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Just a week ago, most people would have greeted those names with “Who?!”. That’s changing really quickly though thanks to the Belgian-born feature film newcomers pulling off what appeared to be impossible for the longest time: Making another Bad Boys sequel. Not only that, but that actually made a good Bad Boys sequel. (Suck on that, Michael Bay!) With Sony already greenlighting a sequel to Bad Boys for Life, there’s a good chance that Adil & Bilall (as they prefer to be called) will take the reins to direct again. But with that fourquel not even in early production yet, what will the filmmakers do in the meantime? Well, how about revive another classic action-comedy franchise that has also been stuck in development hell for years?

As announced late last year, after numerous previous failed attempts, Netflix will be developing Beverly Hills Cop 4, with Eddie Murphy set to reprise his iconic role as fast-talking Detroit cop Axel Foley. Besides for original franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer returning, we don’t know much else about the film though. Bruckheimer is, of course, also the producer on the Bad Boys franchise and rumours have recently swirled that he wanted to take Adil & Bilall over to Beverly Hills Cop 4 to work their magic again. And speaking to Collider during an interview prior to the release of Bad Boys for Life, the co-directors didn’t shoot down the rumours at all. In fact, they were very open to the possibility, saying that “Everybody asks us this question, which is good, because we really want to do that! That would be an honour.”

Fallah: I think Jerry [Bruckheimer] asked us to be available.

El Arbi: Jerry said it in a press conference in Germany, like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So I’m like, ‘Okay!’”

Fallah: We ready, we ready.

El Arbi: Because it is our first Hollywood movie, we gotta wait until it comes out to know what the reaction is. And I think that Jerry’s waiting just for that, God willing, it becomes a success, and then he has momentum, and then it’s jump right at it. And we met Eddie Murphy twice and he seems to like us.

That meetup being referred to was when both Bad Boys for Life and Murphy’s upcoming Coming to America sequel shot on the same studio lot for a while. This is what gave us that great pic of Bad Boys’ Will Smith and Martin Lawrence posing with Murphy and his co-star Wesley Snipes. As Adil & Bilall continued, they explained that some good talk came from that fortuitous interaction.

Fallah: We were doing the reshoots at Tyler Perry’s studio, and we were shooting Bad Boys, and Eddie was there shooting Coming 2 America.

El Arbi: So we said, ‘We gotta make this happen, we gotta make this moment happen.’ Will, Martin, Wesley Snipes was there too, and Eddie Murphy.

Fallah: We said, ‘Come on everybody, let’s take this fucking epic picture!’

El Arbi: We said, ‘This is gonna be a great social media moment, so let’s do that.’

And if things work out for Adil & Bilall the way they want, it will be more than just a great social media moment. By all accounts, the duo acquitted themselves far better than expected on their feature film debut and Beverly Hills Cop 4 seems to be right in their action-comedy wheelhouse. We’ll probably hear more in the coming weeks.

Last Updated: January 21, 2020

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  1. I would be keen for them to take the helm of BHC4! I haven’t see Bad Boys for Life yet, but I am looking forward to eventually watching it!


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