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Batman is getting new tech and an upgraded Batmobile in Justice League

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The threats just keep on getting bigger and bigger, as Justice League is continues to ramp up the escalation factor. Yesterday’s blast of news revealed a ton of new information, from cast and crew commentary on the tone of the film all the way through to Steppenwolf being confirmed as the big bad of this flick which Zack Snyder is busy directing. And there’s even more concerning a certain Dark Knight!

Naturally, there be SPOILERS ahead. Consider yourselves warned. Like with the spoiler brand that may have been inspired by Batman’s ridiculous idea of marking criminals who have crossed paths with him. Hold still now dammit…

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When it comes to stopping crime by any fist-based means necessary, each Batman has brought something different to the table. Michael Keaton’s war on crime focused on crippling entire criminal lineages with a special-designed testicle pulverizer, Val Kilmer had kicks that the Power Rangers would be jealous of and Christian Bale utilized the Keysi fighting style to create a dark knight whose fights were surprisingly grounded in real-world techniques.

Ben Affleck on the other hand, was just plain brutal, as one of the best scenes in Batman V Superman featured the caped crusader completely demolishing a warehouse full of mercenaries with a combination of smarts, brawn and straight-up viciousness. Expect more of that, in Justice League. “We have the same guys who choreographed – who came up with those,” Affleck said to Joblo .

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I’d like to say it was my idea but I just do what they tell me. The same guys from visual fx to practical stunts. They come up with really creative, cool ideas – this is gonna be the same way I’ll approach it when I’m directing, which is to say find a great stunt coordinator, great effect guys and stunt guys who can execute this stuff and put you in their hands and let them do it – it’s like getting a great composer, it’s almost a separate thing. It it works it feels like it’s flawlessly integrated.

How could STAR WARS exist without that music.

Yeah, definitely in the last movie Batman went to a very dark place that was rooted in trauma that occurred to people that he loved and worked with and what he saw.

This really is not about that issue for him so much anymore, he’s no longer sort of extreme in that way, he’s kind of, from the experiences of the last movie, hes sort of learned some things, I think and is now… I’m trying to say without giving any spoilers… but he’s wanting to redeem himself and he’s wanting mankind to be redeemed, and he’s wanting to make the world better, having learned lessons that were important in the last movie.”

Batman V Superman didn’t leave much time for the world’s so-called greatest detective to figure out that he was being played for a fool by Lex Luthor. And that’s a shame, because anyone can be really good at throwing a punch. But only a select few people have the brain-brawn necessary to not only stop crime, but solve the mysteries behind it. And as Affleck explained, Justice League has some detective elements in the mix that are at least expanded on a bit more in this ensemble flick.

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“The whole detective aspect of Batman is more present in this story than in the last one and would probably be expanded upon further in a Batman movie that I would direct,” Affleck said.

All Batman movies at their heart are detective stories they feel a little bit like noir movies in a way.. somehow feels like THE MALTESE FALCON, at their heart detective stories. And the detective story here is the how do I find these people and bring them together aspect…

In Batman V Superman, Bruce Wayne was on the edge of sanity. Years of fighting crime had taken a toll on his mind, body and soul, leaving behind a broken man who had seen too much evil in the world. But at the end of that film, Batman was reborn with a new sense of purpose, after the death of Superman. And in Justice League, Affleck’s Batman is making the most of that second wind.

“(on BVS) That was very heavily influenced by Dark Knight Returns, This has other influences I don’t want to name because then it will give away story elements and stuff like that. Working with Terrio and Geoff Johns and obviously Zack, we steal the best stuff we can from all the great material out there,” Affleck explained.

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But you know, one of the things is this is now not the guy at the end of his rope but in a way a guy at the beginning, starting over, finding hope. The thing that he is hoping for and hanging on to is this group and that starts him off and that’s his mission here. Obviously that’s something different.This is not a guy that’s nihilistic. He believes that something needs to happen and he’s in the awkward position of being the guy out there with the cup in his hand trying to say, ‘listen – believe in this!’

To paraphrase the great Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, Batman may be too old for this shit when Apokolips and its hordes of parademons comes knocking on the door of our planet. After all, what does a billionaire in a batsuit have to offer in a team that features an Atlantean demigod, the fastest man alive and an ageless Amazon warrior?

“It’s not so much, ‘I’m too old for this shit’ but rather I NEED HELP, this guy is way out of his league, it’s definitely stepping up to that level from the comic books where there are things from other planets, all these super-villains that are way more powerful that the average human who had a batarang and a grappling hook can deal with,” Affleck said.

So we explore what these other heroes can do. You want to be able to use the powers of Flash, and Wonder Woman and Cyborg, where you have to have bad guys that are, ya know, give them to opportunity to get their cars out on the track and hit the accelerator a little bit.

New threats require newer toys of course. And one thing that Bruce Wayne isn’t short of, is a workshop full of wonderful gadgets. According to CBR, the Batmobile won;t change much visually, but it’ll have an upgraded arsenal to help deal with Steppenwolf and his Parademons. “You have missile launchers, you have cannons, you have machine guns,”production designer Patrick Tatopoulos said of the Justice League version of the Batmobile to CBR.

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But that’s not the only vehicle that Batman has in his collection. The Flying Fox is a mobile base for the team, that is “big enough for the Batmobile and it can house other Bat-gadgets,” DC Films producer Charles Roven explained.

It’s definitely its own self-contained, fantastic piece of equipment.

And of course, Batman will have some new gear to wear into battle, to go with his standard costume. Justice League costume designer Michael Wilkinson described this new armour as the “tactical Batsuit”. “In the final chapter of our film, Batman realizes he has to step up his game a little bit,” Wilkinson said.

He and Alfred have been working on developing a suit that’s even more protective than the classic suit.

Justice League is already sounding miles better than the dour and grim experience that was Batman V Superman. Although with the amount of salt I’m pinching right now, I can hope it really is so when it hits screens in November 2017.

Last Updated: June 22, 2016


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