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BATMAN VS ROBIN finds its voice…cast

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The previous animated Batman movie, Son Of Batman, wasn’t a bad film. It wasn’t a good film either, as it dropped the ball on an adaptation that included ninja Man-Bats, Batman struggling to tame his out of control killer son and an appearance by Deathstroke as the prime threat.

Son Of Batman

Still, it sold well enough, and I’d hate for Warner Bros to pull the plug on the DC animated movies, so it’s getting a sequel, titled Batman Vs. Robin. Loosely inspired by the recent Court Of Owls storyline, Batman Vs. Robin will see the dark knight tangle with not only a mythical society that existed in Gotham for centuries, but also his own son.

And of course, it’s a film that’s going to need a few voices. Jason O’Mara returns as the caped crusader, as does Stuart Allen as Robin/Damian Wayne, Sean Maher as Nightwing and David McCallum as Alfred. New voices for this feature include Jeremy “Suburgatory” Sisto as Talon, as the nearly unstoppable enforcer and assassin of the Court Of Owls, while voice-acting veteran Grey Griffin (formerly DeLisle) voices a character called Samantha. Coincidentally, Sisto has also voiced Batman previously, in The New Frontier.

Even Weird Al Yankovic is joining the cast, as the Dollmaker, the son of an infamous Gotham serial killer who enjoyed a leg of Larry on the side. Robin Atkin Downes, who voiced Manchester Black in Superman Vs. The Elite, voices the Grandmaster, while Peter Onorati takes over as Draco.

And last, but certainly not least, veteran Batman voice artisit Kevin Conry will also pop up, as Batman’s father Thomas Wayne. Batman Vs. Robin debuts this April, with Jay Oliva directing. I’ll say one thing about DC’s animated flicks: They may be hit and miss sometimes, but they always, always, nail the right cast for voicing their characters.

Last Updated: January 16, 2015

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