Home Entertainment Beauty and violence collide in this first trailer for RUST AND BONE

Beauty and violence collide in this first trailer for RUST AND BONE

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Confession time: Despite being a burly man’s man, I have a thing for love stories. No, I’m not talking about that insipid rom-com drivel that keeps Katherine Heigl off of welfare, I’m talking about those genuinely arresting, break your heart and make you cry with laughter kind of films (Not that I ever cry. Ever. I’m just saying).

Rust and Bone, the new film from French auteur Jacques Audiard (Un Prophète), looks to be just such a film. It’s also a film that corners that elusive market that asks for combining amazingly beautiful visuals of whales along with street fighting.

The exquisitely crafted trailer, complete with an aural contribution from French electronic music maestros M83, is an emotional tour de force, but is completely void of any dialogue so you may need a bit of a reference point. There’s no official synopsis out yet, but we do know that it involves a whale trainer (Marion Cotillard) who loses the use of her legs during an accident, but then finds love and the will to live again in the arms of an illegal bare-knuckle boxer (Matthias Schoenarts).

And if that trailer doesn’t touch you, then clearly you have a misshapen lump of coal where your heart should be. The film played at Cannes earlier in the year where it received rave reviews pretty much across the board. While there’s been no local release date set as yet, I’m hoping that it will at least get a run at Cinema Nouveau. At least that way I can do my crying in a dark room where nobody can see me. I mean, if I did cry, that is.

Last Updated: September 4, 2012

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