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Billy Bob Thornton gets ready to be a Bad Santa again

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Bad Santa was a crude, lewd and rude film that also happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine. Telling the tale of an alcoholic, grumpy, mall Santa that regularly robs the shopping centres that he works at alongside his foul-mouthed Elf sidekick, Bad Santa was like watching a negative universe version of It’s a wonderful life.

And it also happens to be one of my favourite films to watch over the festive season, instead of the usual fluff that comes out of Hollywood. While the film was a complete tale in itself, it seems that main actor Billy Bob Thornton is keen to don the jolly red fat man suit once again, as he is looking to star in a sequel to the original dark comedy.

The Playlist spoke to Thornton at the Berlin Film Festival, where he was debuting his new self-directed film, Jane Mansfield’s Car, when the actor let slip that Bad Santa 2 was going to enter production towards the end of this year, with a Christmas 2013 release as the target date.

“The writer is still working on the script, he’s doing his rewrite right now”, Thornton said. “We saw the first draft and we just had a few little things we wanted to take away or add and he’s doing that.”

While no director or producer has been attached to the sequel yet, it’s reassuring to know that Thornton will be back in the lead role, as Bad Santa has developed quite the cult following over the years.

Although I’m kind of hoping that the film doesn’t end up being an ill omen that kills two of its best actors, right Bernie Mac and John Ritter?

Oh wait…

Last Updated: February 15, 2012

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