Billy Connolly gets ready to dwarf things up in "The Hobbit"

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Peter Jackson has been working on the two-parter epic, The Hobbit for over a year now, and much like its source material, its turning out to be a film that is truly massive.

Scottish comedian and rather brilliant actor Billy Connelly is the latest addition to the cast, as the Big Yin will be showing up as the dwarvish warrior Dain Ironfoot.

Make up should be a piece of cake for the production crew at least.

Connelly will play a character that only briefly appears in the original The Hobbit books, but was more noticeable in the follow-up novels, The Lord of the Rings.

Whether it’s an attempt for Jackson to tie in his two grand cinematic oddysies is unclear, but the sight of Connelly going full Scottish at the Battle of the Five Armies will make his casting completely worthwhile.

The first Hobbit film hits theatres at the end of this year.



Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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