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Blake Lively becomes a ruthless killer in this trailer for The Rhythm Section

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It’s amazing what a horrific tragedy can drive a person to do. And in the case for the upcoming Paramount Pictures film The Rhythm Section, it sees Blake Lively’s character turn into a brutal and heartless killer. Based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Mark Burnell and directed by Reed Morano (making her feature film debut after an acclaimed T, the film follows Stephanie Patrick (Lively), a woman who attempts to unravel mysteries associated with a plane crash that killed her entire family.

Following on from a first look late last year, the studio has now dropped a new trailer for the film to give us a further look at this new action thriller. This new trailer establishes more of Patrick’s backstory to give us a purpose to all the expected on-screen action along with introducing the idea of her “rhythm section” – how to view her heart as drums – thanks to the advice from Jude Law’s Iain Boyd, who also appears to have a rather fun role in this film. Check it out below.

This looks like another in a recent list of films which showcases how great women can be in taking on strong action-oriented characters. The film does unfortunately also appear fairly generic in other aspects, so I’m hoping that it can offer a little more when it’s out. Films like these live or fall on their execution rather than their premise and so if they can keep the action tight and the atmosphere tense, it should be a winner.

Morano’s previous work on TV led her to become the first woman to win an Emmy Award for directing a drama series for The Handmaid’s Tale. With her other work on the likes of Halt and Catch Fire, Billions and more, it’s clear she can lead audiences on an emotional roller-coaster. Hopefully, with The Rhythm Section, she can bring those talents to bear along with giving us solid action and a deeper story. We’ll find out when the movie finds its way to theatres at the end of the month.

Last Updated: January 22, 2020

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