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Blake Lively needs help in this new trailer for THE SHALLOWS

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The Finest Hours and In The Heart of the Sea were both considerable box-office flops so you may think that would discourage some movie studios from attempting to make any similar films. It seems though that Sony Pictures is not afraid to tread the shallow waters of these box office returns and hope for something a little more this time around.

And at least, the scale of this one is a lot smaller than the previous two mentioned films, so it makes for a less risky premise, but it will still be interesting to see if audiences are willing to turn out for this new film, titled The Shallows and starring Blake Lively, as a troubled surfer stranded in shark-infested waters. Its not a ground breaking story, but has the right components to create a tension inspired film:

In the taut thriller The Shallows, Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing alone on a secluded beach when she is attacked by a great white shark and stranded just a short distance from shore. Though she is only 200 yards from her survival, getting there proves the ultimate contest of wills. It’s Jaws for a new generation.

The film appears to be some sort of a cross between 127 Hours meets Jaws, with a touch of Gravity thrown in for good measure, which are all films I loved, so hopefully if this one can at least emulate some of the best bits of these movies it will be well worth watching. Personally, I’m skeptical, because this film will require its lead to make or break the film and I’m not convinced that Lively is the right person to command this type of performance.

The film was initially meant to be titled In The Deep and is based off a script from Anthony Jaswinski and had Louis Leterrier circling to direct at one point. In the end, Jaume Collet-Serra stepped in to the director’s chair and the film was given a new name, which makes the tagline for movie “What was once In The Deep, is now in The Shallows” a whole lot funnier.

The Shallows is set for release in the US summer and likely to hit our shores later.

Last Updated: March 22, 2016

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  1. Skyblue

    March 23, 2016 at 02:40

    They had me at “Blake Lively gets eaten…” seriously though, that money shot of that beast gliding past her is just amazeballs. Trailer makers, please pay attention and learn. I really want to see this now!


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