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BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR gets a US trailer, loses shot at foreign language Oscar

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The lesbian love story and Palme d’Or winner, Blue is the Warmest Colour, is preparing for its US release with a new trailer, but seems to have multiplied its controversy levels after forfeiting its shot at a foreign language Oscar nomination because of a scheduling issue.

It seems that in order to be considered for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, a movie needs to have been released in its home country before the end of September of the previous year. But Blue is the Warmest Colour is only being released in France in October. More interestingly, the film’s distributor, Wild Bunch, chose not to to shift the French release date, with co-founder Vincent Maraval slamming the foreign language Oscar category rules in a statement to Deadline.

There was never any question for us to modify in any way our release strategy to legitimize the stupidity of the Oscar rules. Should we risk our strategy for France for a Foreign Language Film Oscar which doesn’t add anything to a Palme d’Or?

This may sound presumptuous, but seeing that the film’s ineligibility for Best Foreign Language Film doesn’t prevent it from running in any other Academy Award category, and that The Artist won Best Picture in 2011 (with the same distributors), it makes sense that foreign filmmakers may want to shoot for higher than just a win in the foreign language category. Maraval appears to confirm that this is the case.

No one cares about this category. We’re aiming for [Blue] in all categories, the only ones that count.

Check out the new trailer below (SFW this time).

Blue is the Warmest Colour is scheduled for local release on October 19.

Last Updated: September 25, 2013

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