Bones in Sleepy Hollow crossover

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I really enjoyed the first eight seasons of Bones but then just sort of fell out of love with it. Through no fault of its own mind you, it’s just there are so many shows out that there some have to get cut to let the others grow. One of those for me was Sleepy Hollow, a series that was both fantastical and hell a funny. Admittedly it waned a bit in the second season for some with a story arc that was extremely long; miss one episode and you’d lose your head… Hello?


So now there is chatter at Variety that there is to be a Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover which is a rather odd mix, don’t you think? Bones, staring Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan and David Borenaz as Agent Seeley Booth is a show about science… HAHHA. Sorry, pseudo-science in the most part (I’m sorry, but the use of all the holograms to solve cases does my head in). The other is a supernatural show. They do both share the odd couple working together but personally I think the relationship between Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane and Nicole Beharie as investigator Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow is far more interesting.


According to Variety’s sister site TVLine “the EPs at both shows have an inventive idea in place that organically merges the vastly different Bones and Sleepy universes.” Mmm, organically, must be real then… I suppose it makes sense. If you look at the billions being made by Marvel with its shared universe of movies and DC’s own version of this coming next year why not see series doing the same? I’d like to see a crossover with Firefly and Star Trek, or The Following and Hannibal, that would be interesting. Or let’s take it one step further, movies crossing over with series… Babylon 5 and Star Wars?

What series would you like to see crossover and why?

Last Updated: July 17, 2015

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