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Brendan Fraser has to deal with a SPLIT DECISION

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Even though he has been really busy as of late Brendan “Inkheart” Fraser hasn’t exactly been enjoying massive box office success from his various projects. Still a paycheck is cash in the pocket, and after Furry Vengeance, he most likely had the last laugh after he made some decent green from that horrid flick.

But it looks like Fraser is ditching the comedy and romance for his next project, as he’ll be too busy trying to save his kids while stuck in the deepest recesses of the American wilderness.

Split Decision will see Fraser playing father to two kids, taking them into the woods for a camping trip with his friend, played by Daniel Kash. Things go south quickly though, when the group spots two criminals engaged in a bout of illegal murderin’, with the family vacation turning into a life or death struggle when the perps decide to get rid of any witnesses.

Dominic Purcell and Ethan Suplee will be handling chasing and fatal death-dealing roles, in a film written and directed by Damian Lee. Shooting starts soon in the rocky plains of Ontario, with Fraser co-producing as well.

As for other Fraser films, you can expect to see more of his really tall acting skills in HairBrained, Gimme Shelter, Pawn Shop Chronicles and A case of you.

And maybe one of these days, he’ll film that sequel to With Honours that I wrote, which would star him alongside a zombie Joe Pesci who terrorises city campuses as a flesh-eating liberal.

Last Updated: August 2, 2012

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