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Bruce Willis thinks that DIE HARD: YEAR ONE is "a very good idea"

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Bruce Willis has spent the last few years firmly stuck in “Pay the Bills” mode, saying yes to just about every script put in front of him, no matter how terrible it sounds or how pedestrian he acts. This is why we have such laughable entries in his filmography such as Vice and The Prince. But there’s nothing to laugh about when it comes to the recent news that a Len Wiseman-directed 6th Die Hard movie is in development.

Most fans of the franchise were either sobbing sadly or gnashing their teeth in anger to the reports that Die Hard: Year One will act as both a prequel and sequel with Willis resuming his role as veteran ass-kicker John McClane in certain parts of the film, while the rest of it will be set in 1979 featuring a yet-to-be-cast actor in the role of a young McClane when he was still just a regular cop.

As far as terrible movie ideas go, this one is a real stinker but it’s happening anyway because Hollywood will never say no to more money. And neither will Willis, who in a totally unsurprising move has told ET Online that he thinks Die Hard: Year One is “a very good idea”:

“It’s a very good idea, a really tricky idea, and I’m very happy about it. It’s a really cool idea, because it’s the origin story. It’s gonna happen at the beginning of this. We’re going to bounce back and forth.”


News flash! John McTiernan’s masterpiece first Die Hard is already an origin story for McClane becoming who he is! And who he is an underdog everyman that gets the poop kicked out of him before he manages to overcome overwhelming odds. At least that was how he was portrayed in the original – and superior – first three films.

But when Live Free or Die Hard – which was also directed by Wiseman – rolled around, McClane had suddenly become a supercop, which lost a huge chunk of what made him so likeable. This continued on in the witless A Good Day To Die Hard which tried to up the ante by adding in the human equivalent of unseasoned mash potatoes in Jai Courtney as McClane’s estranged son Jack.

There’s no word yet on whether Jack McClane will be showing up in this new film, but let’s just hope that whomever the studio picks to play the younger version of John McClane is a better choice than the eternally bland Courtney. And that’s he’s able to take a punch.

“[Nothing has been decided on the casting]. We’re not there yet. Hopefully he’s got a hard head.”

I hope I also have a noggin of considerable density as I have a feeling I’m going to be repeatedly ramming it into a solid surface when Die Hard: Year One is released in a couple years time.

Last Updated: October 22, 2015


  1. RinceThis

    October 22, 2015 at 15:49

    Good. You went pretty much the same route I was going to, this is a crap idea.


  2. The Sten

    October 22, 2015 at 16:06

    I actually liked, Live free or Die Hard, but because it was “silly fun”, not faithful to the originals or anything.

    But this prequel bullshit?


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