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Bryan Cranston to play Zordon in new POWER RANGERS reboot film – plus new poster

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It seems Bryan Cranston’s career is coming full circle as he has been cast as Zordon in the upcoming film reboot of Power Rangers. And I say full circle, because Cranston used to provide his voice to the original hit TV show, Might Morphine Power Rangers during his earlier days working at Saban Entertainment. While this might surprise some people – especially those who only got to know him from Breaking Bad –  he voiced the villains Snizard and Twinman in the show. And if you are either too young to know what I am talking about or don’t believe me, here is video proof of this:

The news of Cranston joining the Power Rangers cast was announced on the official twitter account for the film which confirmed that he will be playing the Rangers floating head leader Zordon in the new film. It’s a change from being the show’s villains and now gives him the opportunity to fulfill his true destiny as a member of the Power Rangers. The original Blue Ranger (named Billy Cranston) was actually named after him and wasn’t merely a strange coincidence from the shows creators. They knew then he was always meant to be on the good side, even if he was voicing the bad guys at the time.

The actor went on to show his excitement for the role in twitter as well:


I personally wasn’t a fan of the show, as the acting and effects were terrible even for the time – but the stories themselves weren’t all bad and it appealed to its target market at the time. I have no doubt that this film though will have much better production values with its bigger budget and strong actors they have already lined up for the film. Cranston joins an already stellar cast for the new films including Ludi Lin (Black Ranger Zack), Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger Kimberly), RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger Billy), Becky G (Yellow Ranger Trini), and Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger Jason) as the shows heroes and Elizabeth Banks as the villain Rita Repulsa. With Cranston playing Zordon now though – they will need new voice actors for Snizard and Twinman, unless they plan for him to do this as well.


Assuming the film, directed by Dean Israelite, is sticking with the original character lineup, then the only other major new addition left to be announced is Zordon’s trusty droid Alpha 5. They may change things for the movie, but I would expect them to keep as much of the original characters as possible for the reboot. The film is due out on March 24, 2017, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already quite far into principal photography. Cranston can play the role and be edited in separately if required though.

A new poster for the film was also released, which doesn’t reveal much other than the cast looking up at the sky with the Power Rangers logo formed in the stars – but does reflect the slight different look we could possibly expect for the film. I know its difficult to read much into posters, but I do like that it is not bright and colourful like the original TV show, but slightly edgier and grandiose in scale. Let’s hope the film reflects this atmosphere once it is released:


Are you a fan of the Power Rangers? What do you make of the news?

Last Updated: June 23, 2016

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