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Can you believe a Cher biopic is in the works?

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We’re seeing a flurry of music icons getting biopics these days, and now the next one in line to get a film about their life is that of Cher, the self-proclaimed “Goddess of Pop” and with arguably one of the best collections of plastic surgeons in the business. Both traits she shares with Madonna, one of the other best-selling pop singers of all time.

Cher announced the news via Twitter and revealed that Universal will be developing the biopic of her celebrated career alongside the producers of the hit musicals Mamma Mia, with Eric Roth (Forest Gump, A Star is Born) writing the story. Roth has worked with Cher before and knows her personally, so hopefully, this means we’ll get a fair representation of her life.

I’m not a big fan of Cher’s music and know very little about her life, but given how popular she has been over the years, I would imagine this will be a film that will get a lot of attention from her many fans who want to go out and not just see the story of her life, but also get to enjoy her music too. Biopics on famous musicians are turning into a big business model and so it’s unsurprising that Universal will be pursuing this project.

There is no director yet attached to the project, although perhaps the even bigger search for the studio will be in trying to find a lead actress who can portray her persona along with her voice. My vote goes to Lady Gaga, who has shown she has the acting chops to take on a strong dramatic role. Either way, I probably won’t watch this movie to avoid needing to listen to Cher’s music. I’m just not strong enough to handle it.

Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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