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Check out Michael Keaton's BATMAN FOREVER costume!

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As the expert Batmanologist (A position that cowardly and superstitious institutions have yet to acknowledge) I know all about getting into and out of  Batsuit. Mostly that it’s more of a struggle than you’d realise, and once you’re sealed in, so are your various bodily fluids for the day. Way back in the day, Michael Keaton had experienced this fact in two Batman movies. And he almost went for a bat-hat-trick,before pulling out of Batman Forever. And damn, did his costume look cool.

Back when Michael Keaton was still attached to the third film, Jose’ Fernandez sculpted small armatures of the actor in concept outfits. Batsuits that would eventually become the Panther and Sonar outfits, with a change here or there. Go on, make a nipple joke and get it out your system while you still can.

But seriously, these look damn fantastic. The Sonar outfit looks great with a proper oval emblem, and the belt on the Panther looks like it was ripped straight from the comics. That’s not to say that the Kilner suits were bad, as they were perfect for the actor/stuntman inside them.

But an interesting look at what almost was.

Last Updated: July 22, 2014

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