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Check out the aliens that almost were in EDGE OF TOMORROW

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You’ve already seen one mechtastic look at what almost made it onto the big screen in Edge Of Tomorrow. But there’s more. A lot more. One thing that the film had in spades, was a deadly alien species that was hellbent on turning your skull into a toilet. And what made it onto the big screen was actually tame in comparison to some of the concept art that was leveraged when it came down to designing the beasties.


The design brief for Edge Of Tomorrow was most liekly pretty simple: Create an alien threat, and make it capable enough to kill Tom Cruise and his 90 degree running arms over and over again until the Mission Impossible could stands no mores.

Production designer Oliver Scholl recently posted plenty of these unused designs, with art from Kevin Jenkins, Steve Burg, Tani Kunitake, Ed Natividad and more. Plus a few more mech suits were added to the gallery below. As Scholl wrote on his blog:

Everybody has their own opinion what a true alien should look like. Starting point was the novel, then things got “opened up” and we went crazy. One could argue that our final Mimic at least has arms radiating like a seastar, if longer and nastier. Did you know aliens have to have a face? I think we ended up with something unique and memorable after all.

Excuse me while I scream. And never stop. There are a ton more on Scholl’s website. I highly recommend paying it a visit.


Last Updated: July 1, 2014

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