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China is getting more Shanghai in LOOPER

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Time is money, and in the world of movies, that fact is double true. A cinema can only show so many films a day, resulting in films that rarely pass over the two hour mark.

Sometimes, the fat has to be trimmed, only popping up as an extra on the home release several months later, but if you happen to live in China, you’ll be getting an extended cut of the upcoming time travel actioner, Looper, for patriotic reasons of course.

When Looper releases in China, it’s going to be in the form of a “more Shanghai-centric edition”, according to the LA Times. You see, Looper was originally going to be set in Paris, but after a little financing issue, the sci-fi project shifted to Shanghai instead, thanks to Chinese entity DMG forking out some green.

It seems that the one catch was, that more and more scenes of Shanghai be included in the final film, at least for Chinese audiences. Don’t feel bad about missing out on them however, as after some rigorous audience testing, those scenes were removed from the English language version because of the poor reception that they received.

So China gets more touristy visuals, and we get a story with better pacing. Everyone is a winner!

“The Chinese didn’t care about pacing, and they wanted the [China-set] scenes in, so we said OK,” said a source involved with the film. Thanks to some massive growth in recent years, China has become a powerful force in Hollywood.
Box office receipts rely on their people in the international market, despite the fact that their law only allows for a few foreign films per year to be released in their country.
So, a quick re-editing of Looper doesn’t harm the film, but it does give any alienation factors a swift kick in the jewels, making the Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis time travel conundrum project that much more enticing for them.

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

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