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Comic-Con: Life doesn’t give you seatbelts in these trailers for THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE

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Wait… you thought all the Comic-Con news was over with yesterday? Not quite. This Comic-Con has certainly brought us a lot of exciting news and trailers and has been enough to satisfy most comic book fan’s addiction fixes for a long while. I personally haven’t even gone through all the news yet – there is just so much.

However, while Marvel and DC Comics were constantly trying to outdo each other with exciting news and building up their cinematic Universes, it seems the battle may be won in the slightly smaller and yellow editions of the movies – most notably Warner Bros Animation’s Lego… And not just any Lego character, but Lego Batman to be precise.

We’ve seen quite a few hilarious trailers of the film before and they have now dropped not one, but two epic trailers at Comic-Con (which are almost exactly the same). Not only do these trailers give a little more of what to expect from the film’s plot, it’s also even more funny than the first trailers and also introduces us to the new Lego Robin.

It looks like this film will provide us with a bit more of a father-son relationship when Dick Grayson is accidentally adopted by Bruce Wayne and raised up to be the famous sidekick. Will Arnett did wonders with the character in The Lego Movie and really shines in these trailers – lets hope the film is just more of what we’ve seen so far. It probably will be a stretch to carry the humour to a full length movie, but I’m hoping anyway. Robin will be voiced by Michael Cera and together they will be taking on Joker, who will be voiced by Zach Galifianakis and unfortunately not Mark Hamill. You don’t see much of the Joker character here, so we can’t see if he will be any good unfortunately.

The trailers really do work well though and just make me more excited to see this film. The Lego Batman Movie hits theaters on February 10, 2017. Forget The Justice League, the superhero movie wars can only be decided after this one.

You can see more pics from the movie below:





Last Updated: July 26, 2016

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