Could Hulkamania run wild in THE EXPENDABLES 3?

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Lemme tell you somethin’ brother! The Expendables films were great, but they were missing something! Like massively telegraphed attacks, a hairstyle that will never quit and even more steroids!

It was a movie filled with meatballs, but rejoice jabronies! Because Hulk Hogan is here, and he wants to make your movie worth watching when you film a third Expendables, brother!

Pretty much everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is, thanks to his exposure, good and bad, across multiple platforms. The wrestler has been in so many films, with most of them being bad.

Damn you Three Ninjas and your thunder mountain, damn you!

Still, for all his bad publicity as of late, Hogan certainly knows how to spin it, with a press tour highlighting his divorce, parenting issues and sex tape scandal.

Appearing on the shock jock Howard Stern show, Hogan mentioned that he was interested in appearing in The Expendables 3. Albeit, you’ll need to fast forward to the 54 minute mark in this hour long interview, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

It’s actually, not a bad idea. Hogan pretty much fits the washed up former action star mould, and he provided a memorable performance as Thunderlips, the ultimate male baybeh, in Rocky 3.

He’s still chums with Stallone, and if the veteran actor could overlook Hogan and his various controversies, it wouldn’t be too hard to see him reemerge as Hollywood Hulk Hogan once again, because that screen persona of his, is rather catchy.

What do you think, would you pay to see Hogan in a third Expendables, or is the idea of the once legendary sports entertainer bargain bin material?


Last Updated: October 12, 2012

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