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David Ayer regrets not making Joker the focus of Suicide Squad

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One of the most criticized aspects of writer anddirector David Ayer’s Suicide Squad movie was how under-utilized the Joker ended up being. Yes, there was a whole lot more that was wrong with the film especially excessive editing that ruined large parts of the plot. Still, after all the marketing hype focusing on the Joker and how many of those scenes didn’t even make the final cut, it left many fans feeling let down by the cinematic event.

While many directors would like to stand by their vision for a film, it would appear that the director is having second thoughts about this one. Not just that he wishes more of the Joker hadn’t been cut, but rather that the Joker would actually be the main bad guy in the movie, as his extreme personality would have been a good foil for the other bad guys.

Oddly enough, this response was prompted from a person actually tweeting their love and praise for the movie calling it a masterpiece (the internet is filled with these types of people). Rather than thank the fan for their praise though, Aeyer proceeded to reflect on his regrets of the film:


Personally, I think everyone knows the Joker as a bad guy and not having him be the main antagonist in the movie was a good thing. However, there is no point putting a fresh spin on the Joker if you are not going to show him enough. So while it wasn’t the worst thing in the movie, if they had just focused on showing more of Jared Leto’s character, they could have gone a long way to making it a better movie.

Either way, Suicide Squad is one of those movies that was a dismal critical failure, largely because it had such potential and should’ve been an easy story to make successful and yet it divided audiences. The good news is that it appears David Ayer is learning from it all and hopefully the next time he helms an epic property such as this one, he won’t allow the same mistakes to be made as last time. After all, Hollywood is a forgiving business. Just look at M Night Shyamalan.

Last Updated: January 24, 2017

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