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DC FanDome: Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be a four-part miniseries – watch the first trailer here!

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The tale of how Zack Snyder first had to watch how Joss Whedon and some Warner Bros brass took over and then released a version of Justice League that really wasn’t the movie Snyder set out to make when he first launched the DC Comics Expanded Universe, but then, after an almost unprecedented years-long fan campaign, actually got to make a new version of Justice League his way, will probably one day make for a damn intriguing movie on its own. Honestly though, I’m done with that history. I’ve written about this nigh-mythical movie too much and for too long – I JUST WANT TO SEE IT!

And after what felt like a lifetime’s worth of waiting, we still have to wait a little more for Snyder to finally show off his Justice League film… Or do we? Snyder is due to debut the film’s first trailer during Justice League panel at DC FanDome later this evening, but now it appears that the preview has leaked online early in full. And all we can say is HALLELUJAH!

Well, damn. There are a few major things to speak about here. First up has to be the big planet-conquering elephant in the room in the form of Darkseid. The god of evil looks mean as hell here but still needs some visual polish if you ask me. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at original Justice League villain Steppenwolf (who gets a big spikey makeover here) was how he very much looked like just a collection of CGI pixels instead of a real, breathing character like Marvel did with Thanos (who is still the gold standard), and I’m afraid that the same thing is happening with Darkseid here. Of course though, there’s still a bunch of post-production work to happen on the film, so the visuals will only get better from here.

Besides for Darkseid, the thing that stood out for me is that there’s a lot of new Cyborg footage here. Actor Ray Fisher had previously said that the theatrical release of Justice League had cut of the lot of the material that he and Snyder had worked on and which he felt most proud of. And according to what the filmmaker revealed during the panel “Cyborg is the heart of the movie. He’s the thing that holds the team together in the end. I’m excited for fans to see how that’s realised on camera.”

Snyder also revealed that we’ll see a lot more of Ezra Miller’s Flash in this movie, and based on the trailer, that includes his scenes with Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West which were all edited out of the theatrical cut. But there will be a lot more than the Scarlet Speedster’s “emotional arc” on display.

You’re going to see something with Flash in this film that I don’t think you’ve ever seen… he’s a quantum character, so you might see him do something timely.

So where will all this extra footage fit in? Well, Snyder finally confirmed the early reports that the Snyder Cut of Justice League will be split into four parts, each one hour long, to air on HBOMax. A single 4-hour cut of the movie will eventually be released for the fans – like me – who want to see this all in one sitting. As for those countries where HBOMax is unavailable, Snyder also revealed that they are working on an international distribution deal with more details to be forthcoming. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release date for the movie yet, but hopefully we’ll hear something soon!

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Last Updated: November 15, 2020


  1. CodeDisQus

    August 23, 2020 at 01:39

    WHOOP WHOOP!! Looks great!!!!


  2. BradeLunner

    August 23, 2020 at 02:17

    Black suit!!!!


  3. Iskape

    August 24, 2020 at 08:18

    I AM STOKED! (PRT 5)


  4. CrAiGiSh

    August 24, 2020 at 14:19

    The DC we needed.


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