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DC FanDome: Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, Scarecrow coming to Titans season 3

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I’m just going to be honest straight off the bat here: I don’t like Titans. I really wanted to like it, and there were indeed a few fantastic moments in the DC Comics show’s first two seasons, but there were just too many annoying things countering those for me (special mention: the stupidity of not airing the correct Season 1 finale). But I know that a lot of people love Titans though and are totally invested in these characters.

Characters that even include Curran Walter’s Jason Todd aka Robin who is kind of a major dick and has a face that only a crowbar could love. Luckily, it looks like Jason Todd’s face is going to be hidden in the upcoming third season of Titans… hidden behind a crimson mask. Yes, the show is indeed going to be depicting Jason growing up to take on his popular anti-hero persona from the comics, the Red Hood.

Titans exec producer/writer Greg Walker made the revelation during the show’s DC FanDome panel this past weekend. Season two had ended [SPOILER ALERT] with Todd having had enough of the rest of the team constantly mistrusting him and walking away from it all. Season three will deal with how that sets him on the path to becoming the violent Red Hood.

A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth. That child comes back in the form of Red Hood.

Speaking about making the evolution from Robin to Red Hood (just like we saw Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson go from Robin to Nightwing), Walters had this to say:

I feel some pressure but I’m ready to take it on one hundred percent. I’ve been wanting this for a while now.

Red Hood won’t be the only change coming to season three of Titans though. Walker revealed that the team will be coming face to face (or face to burlap sack, as it were) with classic Batman villain Scarecrow as well. The fear-obsessed Dr Jonathan Crane will be introduced as an inmate in Arkham Asylum where he plays a Hannibal Lecter-like role to consult with the Gotham City Police Department. Somehow, I have the feeling he’ll end up doing more than just consulting.

And speaking of the GCPD, we’ll finally get to meet Commissioner Gordon… but not the Commissioner Gordon you may be thinking of. Instead, of Batman’s longtime ally Jim Gordon, the new Commissioner is none other than his daughter Barbara now all grown up.

Just like in the comics, Barbara Gordon started off her crime-fighting days as Batgirl alongside Dick Grayson’s Robin, but in Titans she’s given up her masked vigilante life to instead follow in her father’s more legitimate footsteps. When Dick and the rest of the Titans arrive in Gotham to stir up trouble though, Barbara is not too happy about it.

Both the roles of Barbara Gordon and Jonathan Crane are yet to be cast as the show has not even come close to going into production again thanks to the pandemic. As such, there’s no release date on Titans season three, but we probably shouldn’t expect it before late 2021.

Last Updated: August 25, 2020

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  1. Iskape

    August 25, 2020 at 08:15

    I didn’t really buy into the Titans series. Maybe I’ll give it another go.


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