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Don’t listen to this new teaser trailer for LEGENDS OF TOMORROW season 2

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While I’ve never actually watched the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, the premise has always sounded intriguing. The idea of the DC Comic adaptation which features a collection of heroes brought together to become Time Masters and save the world and time itself is exciting. There is so much potential with different levels of time travel and time periods to be utilized, that it certainly seems perfect for a TV series.

However one of the big complaints of the first season, is that there wasn’t that much time travel to take on exotic locals actually going on as the team just spent several weeks tracking down their main baddie in Vandal Savage. But a new teaser trailer for the second season seems to indicate that with Savage out of the picture, that lack of temporal exploits is going to change:

While the teaser trailer is only 30 seconds, it does promise a lot more time travel and looks like we’ll be getting to see Dr Stein punch Einstein in the face. Which seems a rather impolite way to thank the man who came up with the theory of relativity on which a lot of the time-travel is based. Oh well, I guess in the future Einstein’s scientific views might not be so well received and so he had it coming.

It’s difficult to say from this whether we should get excited for the next season or not, but I guess you can’t go too wrong with more time travel.

Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow is releasing on October 13th.

Last Updated: September 6, 2016

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