Home Entertainment Delta Sigma has the upper hand in this red band trailer for NEIGHBORS

Delta Sigma has the upper hand in this red band trailer for NEIGHBORS

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Neighbors, everyone needs good neighbors! Or none at all, if you’re lucky/anti-social. We’ve all had problematic neighbors at one point in our lives. Personally, those damn hippies that used to live next door to me were always setting parts of their house on fire, judging by the amount of groovy smoke that wafted out of their house. I always felt hungry afterwards, for some strange reason…

Moving on, it looks like Seth Rogen and Zac Effron are going to be picket fence chums in the upcoming Neighbors film. Did I say chums? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne lead the cast of “Neighbors,” a comedy about a young couple suffering from arrested development who are forced to live next to a fraternity house after the birth of their newborn baby.

Nick “Get him to the Greek” Stoller directs, and this looks like it could be a decent comedy. Seth Rogen is always a charmer, Zac Effron looks perfectly cast as an unbearable ass and I’m still trying to figure out how they got that last scene involving Rogen, an office, chair, an air cusion and a ceiling to work in one shot like that. The film is out next year May, so don’t forget to pledge to your local fraternity house.

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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