Did ROBOCOP just get ANOTHER new suit?

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With a Robocop reboot on the way, the suits they are a’changin’. As iconic as the original titanium armour is, that Peter Weller almost died in, a new film means new ideas. And they haven’t exactly been well received so far.

While most people hate the Iron Man and Batman mash-up of the current suit, it looks like what we’ve seen so far may not even be the main suit. In fact, the full movie gear that actor Joel Kinnaman is going to be sweating in, looks like a machine built for war.

The following image posted on Instagram yesterday shows a suit that the photographer says will be worn through “the whole film”. And I kind of like it. Granted, I liked the first suit as well, but I’m in the minority here.

It’s clear that Robocop is going to go through quite a few phases until the film settles on his movie look, and I like this one. After all, Peter Weller was essentially a baby-food powered tank in the original flick, and this suit bears a closer resemblance to that idea.

After all, the suit is meant to have “combat” and “social” modes, and this does indeed look like armour that’s spoiling for a fight. Or is this the actual Robocop armour then?

Could it be a suit that belongs to a mystery antagonist instead? Who knows, but what do you think of this new get-up? Upgrade or downgrade?


Last Updated: November 15, 2012

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