Discover Supeman's powers in these 3 new MAN OF STEEL featurettes. Plus 2 new explosive TV spots and new music track!

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When I think of Superman, there are many other things that immediately jump to mind, such as unwavering morals, physical strength, the incorrect application of underwear. What I never think of is antivirus software for my PC.

But that’s the logic jump that Warner Bros has made as they’ve hooked up with Norton Antivirus to bring us these 3 new Man of Steel featurettes focusing on Superman’s’ powers. Which you have to see or you’ll get infected by a virus. Or something.

We’ve got just a little  more than a month to go until Man of Steel is finally unleashed on the public and it looks like Warner Bros’ marketing folk have suddenly developed the power of super-promotion! Along with these featurettes (and the 3 new posters released in the last week), we’ve also got 2 new TV spots, packed with some jaw dropping new footage, as well a second full track, titled “DNA” released from Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for the film

While I don’t think this track is quite as good (it’s a little derivative of Zimmer’s previous works) as the goosebumps inducing ‘An Ideal Hope’ that was released last week, its still pretty good work from the acclaimed composer.

But if that track failed to elicit the appropriate amounts of geekgasms, I can assure you that those TV spots certainly did.

Man of Steel opens internationally on June 14, 2013, while it flies into local cinemas on June 28, 2013.

Last Updated: May 14, 2013

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