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Disney developing MALEFICENT sequel

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You can file this next story under “D” for “Duh!”. 2014’s Maleficent was sort of a big deal for Disney. Not only did it kickstart their current new trend to do live-action remakes/sequels/prequels of the classic animated movies in their library, but the Angelina Jolie starring fantasy flick also conjured up a big ol’ stack of cash at the box office, pulling in nearly $760 million worldwide on a budget of $180 million. It may not have been as profitable as their most recent live-action offering in Cinderella (which had half the cost and still made about $532 million), but that’s still serious Scrooge McDuck money. So it should come as absolutely no surprise that Disney are now busy developing a sequel to Maleficent.

Deadline are reporting that the House of Mouse has signed a deal with Maleficent screenwriter and playwright Linda Woolverton to return to pen a script for the planned sequel. Besides for the first film, Woolverton also penned the Oscar-nominated Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King for Disney, as well as the Tony Award nominated Broadway musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Clearly, Disney is not just looking for a quick sequel cash-in here. It’s unconfirmed if Jolie would also be returning, though Disney are reportedly keeping her in the loop all the way and Woolverton has been mandated to write the script with the intention of the actress coming back.


The first film, which was directed by debut director Robert Stromberg, saw Jolie as the titular classic Disney villain from Sleeping Beauty, but this time it showed us her true back-story of how she actually was an innocent young fairy who was betrayed by the future human king, prompting her to exact her vengeance on the King’s narcoleptic princess years later. Well, at least that’s the plan, until Maleficent starts developing a bit of a conscience again when she meets and befriends the kind-hearted princess.

With that movie’s *cough* fairy-tale ending seeing [SPOILER ALERT] the King dead, Princess Aurora being crowned Queen of the combined human and fairy realms, and Maleficent returning to her original role as protector of all the Kingdoms, it’s uncertain where the story could go from here. However, I’m sure that Disney have about 760 million different little pieces of inspiration to draw from.


Last Updated: June 17, 2015

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  1. I actually really enjoyed Maleficent – it was really well done and Angelina was awesome in her role, as usual. But have to agree – not too sure where they could take it from here where it wouldn’t come across as a cash-in…


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