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Disney streaming service to not feature any R-rated content

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Streaming Services have represented perhaps the biggest shift to the home entertainment market in a long time and are fast redefining the way we consume entertainment. One of the other things that streaming services have also allowed content creators to do though, is also take a lot more liberties with the gratuity of their content.

Not needing to worry about the inappropriate things being broadcast at the inappropriate times and been able to be more restrictive on what viewers can actually see based on their age settings, has meant that many shows aimed more towards the adult market are increasing the use of vulgar language, nudity and sexual content In their series. While some might like the increased maturity of some of the content and the different themes they now explore as a result, the truth is much of it remains unnecessary and gratuitous.

One streaming service whose brand doesn’t quite fit the style of content is Disney, who is planning to launch their streaming service next year. Thanks to their possible acquisition of 20th Century Fox (which is not 100% finalized yet), the studio may have access to over 8000 ABC TV episodes and a host of other movie titles to go along with their Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and of course, Disney properties. Only problem with some of that newly acquired content, is that not all of it fits with Disney’s clean-cut image. So, can we expect Disney to take the same approach as the other streaming platforms with regards to R-rated content or will they be looking to keep their streaming service in line with their family-friendly image.

Well, according to a new Deadline report, Disney is not planning for any R-rated content to be produced or hosted on their service. We already know that some of the more mature Marvel series like The Defenders will be staying on Netflix, but movies such as Logan and Deadpool, will make their way onto Hulu instead.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise as Disney has an image they want to maintain and the family market is by far the biggest one at the moment. Giving parents greater freedom of mind at the content available is a huge win for them. The good news for those who are worried about the future of some of those R-rated products though is that Disney is not exactly looking to stop production of them, saying they would continue to make future Deadpool sequels. They will just likely not promote them too much with their Disney branding that is all.

With or without R-rated content, Disney is still going to be a major force in the streaming market and at least it gives the other services something further to differentiate themselves from.

Last Updated: February 9, 2018

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