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Don't Come quietly… There Will Be Pizza at the Robocop screening

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Finding yourself without anything to do tonight in Johannesburg? The Bioscope is showing the original Robocop, along with a beer and pizza…

I’m a fan of The Bioscope, a small theatre in Johannesburg’s Arts On Main district. Comfortable seats, fun movies – it’s what cinemas are supposed to be. Best of all, you can take your beer and pizza into the theatre. They’ll even bring your order to your seat!

The Bioscope mainly shows documentaries and art films, but it also ventures into mainstream cinema – particularly the classics. Recent shows included True Romance and Die Hard. This evening it will be showing the original Robocop as part of a special: R100 buys you a beer, a pizza and entrance to the movie. That is a steal, especially since the pizzas are made by The Chalkboard, the bistro connected to The Bioscope.

So go on: hang out with J’burg’s hipsters and kick back with the fun times of Murphy and Forman’s dad. More info at The Bioscope’s website.


Last Updated: March 7, 2014

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  1. Dang! Short notice. I missed out on seeing Robocop on the big screen! 🙁


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