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Don't cross the streams! GHOSTBUSTER's proton packs revealed

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Unlicensed nuclear accelerators, are no joke. As a kid, I always dreamed of owning a Ghostbusters proton pack, with the nearest that I came to it was seeing a toy version with a pool noodle proton stream accessory for sale in Reggies.

The proton pack will always be one of the signature props from the Ghostbuster flicks. A wrangler that ensnares ghosts and weakens them enough to place in a containment. I eventually made my own proton pack, which I show off on every single occasion that I get given. Because dammit people, I made a freakin’ proton pack that has lights, sounds and a neutrona wand that can get hard!

proton pack

Mine is based on the classic original Ghostbusters design. But with a new Ghostbusters flick on the way, comes a new proton pack. Which director Paul Feig revealed this week:


I’m not feeling. While it has elements that I do appreciate, it just looks wrong to me. Maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s the exposed wiring, maybe it’s the lack of warning stickers. But I just don’t dig it. You compare it to the original, which also had a workshop feel to it, but a sensation of workmanship and pride in the design that Egon Spengler created as well.

Of course, I can’t judge a film on a prop alone. That’d be stupid and ridiculous. But this is one aspect of the movie that I wished that they had nailed, much like they did with the uniforms.

Last Updated: July 2, 2015

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