Drive, deliver and don't die, in this first trailer for The Transporter, the TV show

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When it comes to ringing a few extra bucks out of a movie franchise, nothing smells more like a fistful of dollars than a TV series adaptation. Police Academy, Robocop and Blade are some such, terrible examples of a live-action adaptation, and now, The Transporter is headed to television as well, one ozone-layer killing exhaust fume filled episode at a time.

Don’t expect to see Jason Statham finding ingenious ways to knock heads about on a weekly basis, as the iconic role of Frank Martin will instead be portrayed by Chris Vance.

It’s still the same formula of Martin delivering sensitive packages and inflicting pain on anyone who gets in his way of a successful drop-off, while maintaining a sharp sense of style, but it’s unclear how closely the TV series will follow the off the wall action of the original films.

Film series regular François Berléand is back at least, as the long-suffering French Inspector Tarconi, but can it succeed with the Stath-man? Only time will tell.


Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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