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Duncan Jones' next film MUTE to be set in same universe as MOON

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Some directors wait a lifetime to find their opportunity to direct a defining film (or indeed never get there). For Duncan Jones, he had the benefit of hitting a home run on his first time up to bat. While he could arguably have many more better films in him, as he is only a young director, the Warcraft helmsman’s first film, Moon, was a stellar effort, a captivating film that really showcased the directors incredible talents. This film is obviously what led him onto bigger pictures like Source Code and Warcraft, but despite both those film being decent enough, neither really lived up to the promise that Moon highlighted.

And the good news is that Jones’ next film that he is working on, Mute, looks to not only follow the same style as that first film, but will also be set in the same cinematic Universe as Moon. The story is reported to be set 40 years from now and follows a mute bartender (who will be played by Alexander Skarsgard) in Berlin who finds himself sucked into the city’s underbelly while on a quest to find a girl close to him who has disappeared. Paul Rudd will also star in the film as one half of a duo of surgeons who may be there to help or hinder our bartender’s mission. At this point, no other cast members are known.

It certainly sounds like another intriguing premise promising a lot of the suspense and mystery that Moon had and will reportedly also have the same dark look as well. How the rest of the story will actually tie in has not been revealed, but no doubt Jones will be keeping most of the plot details a secret for as long as he possibly can. What we do know, is that he wants to build this story into a trilogy, beginning with Moon, then going to Mute, before closing out with a third film also starting with an M. And not be a James Bond spin-off, as far as we know…


Some artwork for the comic that Jones put together with Glenn Fabry and released by Darkhorse Comics has been revealed though which certainly seems to give the film a bit of a noir look and certainly offers up the opportunity for some incredible world building on Jones part. Jones has excited me a director so far and this certainly looks like it is going to not disappoint either.

Last Updated: September 27, 2016

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  1. WernerE

    September 27, 2016 at 10:49

    Moon was such a good film and really different. Mute sounds promising.


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