It’s been quite some time since I have seen Natasaha Henstridge or Jason Patric in anything and after having my integrity as a movie fan invaded with this movie, it will be a while before I would want to see anything in with them for a while.


Henstridge plays Chloe, a lonely housewife living with her stepson Jacob (Liam Dickinson). The kid is a real pain in the ass and it’s clear that the two do not get along. They live in a huge house on a section of a section of town that can only be accessed by a swing bridge. One of Chloe’s friends comes to visit one night with an intense storm brewing, when her friend goes out to check on a car that pulls up to the house she get shots and Chloe witnessing this and her home getting invaded by three masked intruders, played by Scott Adkins, Kyra Zagorsky and Christian Tessier.

Chloe hits the panic button on the home alarm and calls the police while rushing to get her stepson out of bed. The police are stuck on the wrong side of town with the swing bridge being temporarily broken. Here enters security systems specialist, Mike (Jason Patric) who talks Chloe through the terrifying ordeal with the use of security cameras set up all over the house, while waiting on any kind of law enforcement to arrive – this company is like the FBI version of ADT. The burglars though are professionals and seem to have thought out there plans carefully, cutting out communication to the home and blacking out all the surveillance cameras (or so they think).


It’s not the first time we get a home invasion thriller and I have certainly seen much better ones in the past, Panic Room and The Purge for example. Home Invasion though just had too many questionable moments, especially with such would be professional criminals just making way too many stupid decisions, in my opinion. Not to mention that anything that could go wrong to stop any help getting to Chloe and Jacob does of course go wrong.


As far as the performances from the movies main characters goes there is really nothing to talk about. Hendstridge does a decent job of expressing fear in all the chaos going on in her home. Dickinson does a great job of playing a whiny teen and Jason Patrick is really just OK, with most of his delivery coming across with no enthusiasm at all. Director David Tennant does a good job of providing nice visuals but the pacing feels sluggish and there isn’t much action to speak of with a couple of bullets flying around here or there, if you were hoping for any gore factor though, this is not the movie for that.


Overall, if you catch this movie on DSTV or VOD then sure it’s not the worst way to kill and hour and a half. In any other case though I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to give this a watch.

Last Updated: September 29, 2016

Home Invasion, Natasha Henstridge, Jason Patrick, Liam Dickinson, Scott Adkins

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  1. Andre116

    September 30, 2016 at 13:21

    I have fond teenager memories of Natasaha Henstridge in Species.


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