I am someone who really enjoys watching South African movies, so when I heard about The Jakes Are Missing I looked forward to watching it a lot. As it turns out The Jakes should probably stay missing.


The Jakes Are Missing stars Mampho Brescia, Pope Jerrod and Mpho Sebeng as Janice, Donald and their son Simon. Janice is a successful lawyer and struggling to balance her priorities. Donald is trying to save his marriage and keep his son in check. Simon is your typical teenager and budding musician, after getting grounded he sneaks off to go to a concert and is witness to a crime by a witless gang, led by Jody Abrahams as Fred.

Fred and his boys are on the search for Simon so the Jakes are forced into witness protection and in the small town of Pumpkin Valley no less. It is here where they meet Rev. Reynolds, played by Darlington Michaels (Papa G from Isidingo), who helps out the police in situations like these. Here the Jakes discover everything from nosy neighbors, to young love for Simon and the Reverend’s daughter and their love for each other.


It’s not a new concept at all but with a South African twist, full of all our bright unique characters, it makes for something different. Sadly writer/producer Bianca Isaacs doesn’t play on that at all for me and while the movie is South African, with a local setting and actors – It all just feels too Americanized.

The acting is solid and the pacing is fast but it all comes to an end a little too abruptly and there is no point in the movie where you get invested in the characters or get caught up in the drama and romance of the main characters. That being said, The Jakes Are Missing does stand out from the usual dark, gang themed movies that enjoy the most success in our country and the production value is good. The visuals are nice and there are still a few laughs to be had.


Bonus Feature:

  • A Behind The Scenes look at the making of the movie with cast interviews.

The Jakes Are Missing is available on DVD now.

Last Updated: April 18, 2016


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