E3 2016 – EA strikes back with plenty of Star Wars plans

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A long, long time ago (2015) in a galaxy not so far, far away a Star Wars game was released that on a visual level was Starkiller Base overkill. DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront may have had some valid criticisms lobbed at it, but the first big Star Wars game published by EA was eye-meltingly gorgeous to look at as war raged across the Galactic Empire. But that was just one game, among many that included Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and that other mobile game that I forgot about.

But that’s just a handful of studios. Because right now, there’s a whole lot more Star Wars on the way. In addition to Visceral Games and their massive Star Wars experience, Respawn Entertainment will also be working on a “third-person action game” according to Visceral’s Jade Raymond. Here’s the teaser trailer of all the projects in the pipeline:

Last Updated: June 12, 2016

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