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Early concept model gives a better look at Robert Pattison’s Batmobile

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Early concept model gives a better look at Robert Pattison's Batmobile 2

Forgot perfect muscles and a fancy gadget-filled suit. The real ingredient that makes you a Batman lies with the Batmobile. That iconic vehicle that has just as much importance and personality as the Caped Crusader himself, and some might argue, speaks more about his personality than anything else ever will. So when it comes to Robert Pattison’s new take as The Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie, it’s no surprise that so much attention has been given to making this version of the Batmobile stand out from all the others.

And when the first images showed up online, it appeared as if this Batman would be defined by his muscle-car inspired Batmobile. A stark contrast from some of the sleeker models we’ve seen from earlier Batman movies or the almost tank-like version we got from Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Still, it’s a design that looks sexy and perfectly suits Bruce Wayne’s crimefighting demeanour.

There was also a lot that we didn’t know about the vehicle, given that it was shrouded in large parts of darkness, meaning that all of its obvious gadgets couldn’t be easily spotted. However, that’s changed now with pictures of a Batmobile model showing a detailed look at an early design for the car. According to Twitter user TheBatRobert, the images were originally posted on the website of Jeff Frost (the model maker behind many DC movies and the man who designed Affleck’s Batmobile too), but appear to have been taken down since:

Now granted these pictures here don’t match 100% with what we have seen recently, so its obvious plans and design have changed, with a different hood, shape and lights on either side. Still, it certainly looks like a thing of beauty and the changes they made have possibly only made it even better. I’m excited to see this vehicle in action in the movie, but perhaps even more excited to see it come in a collectable form so that Darryn can once again spend all of his money on yet another Batman toy.

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Last Updated: June 2, 2020

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