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Early DOCTOR STRANGE casting short list includes Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

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Jared who?

It’s been less than a week since Marvel officially picked Scott Derrickson to helm their Doctor Strange movie, and actor/part-time rocker Jared Leto was tenuously linked to the eponymous role, but he may already have the type of seriously stiff competition that even negates his cred as a recent Oscar winner.

Deadline are reporting that Marvel apparently have a short list of actors that they are considering for the magical role of Stephen Strange, the failed neurosurgeon turned Sorceror Supreme of the Marvel universe, and sitting right at the top of that list are two big screen heavyweights in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy.


Now to be fair, Cumberbatch and Hardy’s proven talent and gigantic (and fully deserved) popularity means that their names tend to pop up on several casting lists and just about every single fan casting list ever, irrespective of what the movie is actually about (Benedict Cumberbatch as Mother Theresa? Yeah, I could see it). Also, the two don’t quite fit the Marvel profile; Marvel’s Kevin Feige and co tend to go for unexpected but inspired choices, actors they can pick up for a moderate (or even small) paycheck who are still on the cusp of proving themselves as headliners, and who they can mold into superstars. Cumberbatch and Hardy may just already be too high profile for the gig.

But just the prospect alone that Sherlock Holmes or Bane may  be Doctor Strange is just too good a notion to pass up on. Both actors bring something different to the table (and admittedly, neither of them are a proper fit for the traditional look of the character, though some magical face follicles could change that), so it would incredibly interesting to see just how they would interpret the role. Hardy seems to me like he could be a much more physical Stephen Strange than we’re used to, while Cumberbatch’s sonorous voice will probably cast a spell on several million fans.

Until Marvel officially reach out with an offer though, this is all just conjecture. But if it does turn out to have some merit, then you can rightly expect the internet to ignite like a Dormammu headache.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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