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El trailer for MACHETE KILLS es explosivo!

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I loved the first Machete film. It was a movie that was blunter than a rock and didn’t give a damn, as Danny Trejo used his blades, guns and face to kill anyone that got in his way. Of course, with director Robert Rodriguez, the sequel was about as inevitable as a new Spy Kids movie for this Mexican vigilante.

It’s called Machete Kills, and it’s got everyone from Mel Gibson to Carlos Estevez in it.

Now do yourself a favour, and watch both of these trailers so that you can compare kickass trailer voice-overs. And also so that you can see Trejo cut the angriest promo before a trailer, like ever.  Trejo is back as the former Federale agent, on a mission given to him by the president of America himself. Take down a revolutionary leader, kill an arms dealer and stop the biggest of world wars from destroying the planet.

Sounds like a Tuesday for Machete.



Last Updated: May 31, 2013

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